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One Month You've talked about exes and you know some of the names of each other's coworkers ("Did Mouth Breather Shelly steal your La Yogurt from the office fridge again today? You'd be asking friends whether they ever had i Phone service issues where it looked like a text sent but it actually didn't; that's what you'd be doing. Even if you're not exclusive yet, right here is when it would start getting sociopathic to ghost. One of you is definitely waiting for the other one to suggest you become exclusive and has made it clear that s/he is not seeing anyone else. I don't care if you're an 18th century ghost who has only struck up a relationship with this person to avenge an ancestor of theirs for giving you consumption, or something. And not over text — in person, or, at the very least, over the phone. Five Months You spend whole weekends at each other's apartments and cook meals together.